Media Where do we stand

Media Where do we stand

Over the past years Jardim Vista has enjoyed extensive media attention, both by their regular participation in the home and garden make-over show 'Querido Mudei a Casa' and other TV shows like Discovery Channel's 'Impossible Engineering' or RTP Internacional 'Network Negócios'.

Below you can also explore a selection of magazine articles, press reports and interviews on the latest company's achievements and milestones.

Press Jardim Vista in The press

  • Jardim Vista Landscaping

    Article at Essential Algarve Magazine

    1 Sep 2016

  • Garden Genius

    14 May 2013

  • Shaping the beauty of nature

    Fonte: The Algarve Resident

    9 May 2013

  • A Mature Portfolio

    Leading landscape company Jardim Vista provides a glimpse of its superb projects.

    Fonte: Essential Algarve nr. 72 (2012)

    26 Jun 2012

  • Jardim Vista

    Landscape company stays ahead of the game.

    Fonte: Essential Algarve nr. 65 (2011)

    25 Jun 2012

  • Diálogo Portugal - Russia

    Fonte: Dialogo Portugal - Russia (2009)

    27 May 2010

  • Jardim Vista and The Vale d Oliveiras Resort

    Fonte: Essential Algarve

    1 Jul 2009

  • Garden's Visionary

    Sucre, 2008

    Fonte: Sucre Homes

    1 Oct 2008

  • Interview with Richard Westcott

    Fonte: Imobiliária (2008)

    15 Sep 2008

  • ARQA - Architecture Magazine

    Fonte: ARQA

    1 Aug 2008